Welcome to my home.... well sort of!

Well as the title says..... this is sort of my new home.
I am mainly using this blog as a way of letting you guys & girls know what I'm selling within my shop. I stock everything from decoupage sheets to die cuts to handmade cards to foam pads.
The shop is situated in Birkenhead Market and is in Jackson Aisle at E80.

I do take orders for handmade cards, wedding stationary, birthday invites & die cuts within the shop and I am prepared to do extra over the internet but please note that I will have to apply extra charges for p&p.

Below I will show you some of the cards I've been asked to make since the shop has been open and also new stock as and when it arrives.

15 May 2009

2 more Bookatrix Cards......

Todays orders:

50th Wedding Anniversary Bookatrix.

I love to make these. They are so simple and easy to do. The gold backing card is slightly eteched with a pattern as well.

Betty Boop Bookatrix

Black & red leather effect card with a Betty Boop image.

There are other images on the other 2 layers as well of Betty Boop.

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