Welcome to my home.... well sort of!

Well as the title says..... this is sort of my new home.
I am mainly using this blog as a way of letting you guys & girls know what I'm selling within my shop. I stock everything from decoupage sheets to die cuts to handmade cards to foam pads.
The shop is situated in Birkenhead Market and is in Jackson Aisle at E80.

I do take orders for handmade cards, wedding stationary, birthday invites & die cuts within the shop and I am prepared to do extra over the internet but please note that I will have to apply extra charges for p&p.

Below I will show you some of the cards I've been asked to make since the shop has been open and also new stock as and when it arrives.

15 May 2009

2 more Bookatrix Cards......

Todays orders:

50th Wedding Anniversary Bookatrix.

I love to make these. They are so simple and easy to do. The gold backing card is slightly eteched with a pattern as well.

Betty Boop Bookatrix

Black & red leather effect card with a Betty Boop image.

There are other images on the other 2 layers as well of Betty Boop.

14 May 2009

Playboy Bookatrix......

Order of the day...... Playboy Bookatrix.......

I love the effect of this card, it's got like a leather effect to it.
As you can see Playboy is the theme to this card. The Playboy bunny and wording are die-cuts. Such a handy thing to have around as a crafter.
There are more images on the other layers as well. There's 2 bows on the black and a pair of boots on the bottem red layer.
These can be made in any colour scheme.

13 May 2009

Just for fun.....

Now this I think is STUNNING!!
The image is fab and it's a really elegant card.
This one hasn't been made up for an order, just for a bit of fun really but will no doubt end up in the shop.
The gems, sentiment and bow (the one in the bottom left) I have added to the card also. Adds a little bit more detail.

This weeks orders.....

Just a few of the orders I've had for this week so far.
The runner was a pretty tricky card to make as there aren't a lot of images of a female runner!! The Red Rose I have made today. I love the simplicity of it and the card has a like a leather effect to it as well.

2 Bookatrix orders.....

These are 2 bookatrix cards I have made for orders. I have got more based in my shop but just so people have an idea of what they look like. They can be decorated for any ocassion as you can see from the picture.

A few football card orders......

So these are a few of the football card orders I have been asked to make. Obviously the area in which I live is mainly Liverpool, Everton & Tranmere supporters, so I do get a lot of orders. Although I do stock more football team cards as well.